Single Family House in Duruelo de la Sierra, Soria, Spain [under construction..]







Basic and execution project, as well as construction management of a single-family home in the old case of Duruelo de la Sierra municipality, province of Soria, Spain.

The plot is between 5 conjoining buildings, and its narrow part look at the square of the town hall, the complex geometry of the plot together with the material restrictions of the town planning regulations for their historical value, are the starting point of the project.

Access to the dwelling is projected in the narrowest area, creating a singular façade to the main square, and growing the project in the rest of the plot, generating as main party wall the one of the tallest adjacent building. The project captures the maximum natural light through the double heights without losing thermal efficiency in one of the coldest towns in Spain, the masonry used in the facade is recycled from the pre-existing construction on the plot.

















[Panoramic Plot]




[Basement Wall]





[Panoramic Foundation]





[Panoramic First Floor Formwork]