Battersea First Approach

factory / rehabilitation



Project to revitalice the Battersea Power Station.

Place: London, United Kingdom.

Proyect published  on “115 días. #01. Cultura Pop” magazine.


¿”Wasting” the central space of the Battersea Power Station as a “museum”? The great value of these spaces and the factory is in the vast emptiness and its infinite possibilities for a city like London, as a place where popular culture of its inhabitants and the rest of the world can really express itself, and where anything can happen.


It tries to rescue the values ​​of the Pop generation by contrast taken to extremes. Pop art can be interpreted as a reaction to the ideals of abstract expressionism, but also the continuation of certain aspects of this trend, as the belief in the possibilities of making art daunting.

The project generates a contrast between the monumental museum, 13 large beams that fly over the factory, and the space they generate, a timeless framework for the SXXI Pop. A stark contrast between the rigidity of the cultural institutions and the flexibility of the people’s needs.


Taking into account also the priorities to respect what is valuable to the inhabitants of the city, which are protected facades of the factory and the three large spaces, we realize that the ideal should be a museum that qualifies space turning it into a place, a place that responds to the monumentality of the factory, its history, a place where live together the most ephemeral of human activity, a concert, a rally, a performance, tournament or a makeshift art studio, with a resounding cultural center of global impact.
Battersea First Approach 1


[Ground floor, new central space]

Battersea First Approach 2


[Longitudinal sections by central nave and side]


Battersea First Approach 3


[Global axonometry]

Battersea First Approach 4


[Interior cross section image]